Young Alumni Award Nomination Form
Thank you for your interest in completing a nomination for the Wartburg College Young Alumni Award. Below you will find the information about the selection process and criteria, as well as the form to complete the nomination process. Please read through this information carefully.

Graduates from classes 2003-2017 will be eligible for this award. 

The following categories of people are NOT eligible to receive the Young Alumni Award:

Members of the current Wartburg College Board of Regents
Members of the current Wartburg College Alumni Board
Members of the current Young Alumni Award Committee
Alumni who graduated before 2003. These alumni are eligible for the Alumni Citation Award.

In order to be respectful of the nominee, we have found that keeping the nomination private is best for the process and the nominees. Therefore, it is preferred that the nomination remains confidential and the nominee not be informed of their nomination.

Selection Criteria
When selecting recipients for the Wartburg College Young Alumni Award, the Award Committee will consider how the nominee is living out the four pillars of the Wartburg College Mission Statement, both personally and professionally.

Wartburg College Mission Statement
Wartburg College is dedicated to challenging and nurturing students
 for lives of leadership and service as a spirited expression
of their faith and learning.

Mission Statement Pillars
Leadership, Service, Faith, Learning

While nominations that are particularly strong in one or two of the pillars will warrant consideration, those nominees who are strong in all four areas will have the greatest chance of selection. Nominators should specifically address and acknowledge the nominees’ contributions in the four pillar areas when submitting nomination materials.

Nomination Process
Nomination Deadline - November 15
Supporting Document Deadline - December 1 

Nomination requirements
"Basic Information" portion of the nomination form (see below)
"Supporting Information" – choose one of the following:

Letter of support from nominator – 1,000 words or less
Complete "Supporting Information" portion of the nomination form (see below)

While the items above are all that is required, nominators should understand that additional letters and supporting materials are highly encouraged to be submitted. These additional materials are helpful for the committee during the selection process and can be emailed to the alumni office.

Examples of supporting material include:

Newspaper/internet articles
Additional letters of support
Instructions for submitting additional optional materials will be sent to nominators via email shortly after the nomination form is completed.

Nomination Form
Please complete the information below, starting with your contact information, followed by basic information about your nominee. Please contact the Wartburg College Alumni Office with questions via phone (319-352-8491) or via email.

First Name
Last Name
Primary E-mail
Address 1:
Address 2:
Home Phone Number:
Cell Phone Number:
Basic Information

Please complete the following information about your nominee for the Wartburg College Young Alumni Award. This portion of the nomination form is required.
Nominee's Title (i.e. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Rev., etc.)
Nominee's First Name
Nominee's Last Name
Nominee's Class Year
Nominee's Degree from Wartburg
Nominee's Address
Nominee's City
Nominee's State
Nominee's Zip
Nominee's Current (or most recent) Occupation
Nominee's Current (or most recent) Employer
Supporting Information

You, as the nominator, can either
continue completing this form,
you can choose to submit a letter of support.

If you prefer to submit a nomination letter, please scroll to the bottom of this form and click submit. Instructions for submitting your letter will be sent to you via email shortly after completing the form.

If you prefer to provide supporting information for your nominee via this form, please provide brief summaries stating accomplishments and/or your rationale for nominating this person related to each of the following categories.
We recommend typing these summaries in a word processor and copying them into this form to avoid the form timing out.
Overview (Please limit to approx. 150 words)
Leadership (Please limit to approx. 150 words)
Service (Please limit to approx. 150 words)
Faith (Please limit to approx. 150 words)
Learning (Please limit to approx. 150 words)
Additional information you would like the Young Alumni Award Committee to be aware of (please limit to approx. 150 words)
When you have completed this form, please click the "NEXT" button below. You should receive an email within a few minutes with further details and instructions for submitting additional materials, if you so desire.

Thank you for submitting this nomination and for your support of the mission of Wartburg College.