Don't Cancel That Class
Don't Cancel Class workshops

Wartburg faculty members:
Do you have plans of attending a conference during the semester? Have you had to cancel class because of an unexpected illness? In situations like these, we encourage you to try the “Don’t Cancel Class” program!

The Student Life office, in collaboration with several departments on campus, provides a variety of workshops to fill the class period you need to miss. These workshops are designed to provide students with valuable information and skills.

HOW IT WORKS: You select the workshop you feel is a good fit for your class. Take a look at the workshop opportunities below (scroll to bottom), and submit your request by filling out this easy form. Questions can be directed to Wendy Mohlis in Student Life. Please give at least 24 hours' notice when using this form. If you need to fill a class period within 24 hours, please call Wendy at 319-352-8745. We cannot guarantee that a workshop will be available to fill a class on short notice of less than 24 hours, but we'll do our best.

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Disclaimer: If your top three choices are not available to present at your class, the Student Life office will choose one of the other options based on availability.


Click here to download a PDF of the information below. Please note, the "Understanding Financial Aid" workshop is temporarily unavailable due to staffing.

Stephanie Newsom – Counseling Services
1. Escalation Workshop: The Escalation Workshop is a film-based discussion that opens people’s eyes to the warning signs of relationship abuse. A 45-minute film is followed by a guided discussion led by a trained facilitator. The film follows a college-aged couple through the very sweet beginnings of their relationship and shows how unhealthy behaviors can escalate into abuse. After the film students will discuss early warnings signs of abuse, and what they can do if they witness or experience these warning signs. The workshop lasts 1.5 hours.

Kristin Teig Torres & Jo Dorrance – Student Life (sessions 2-4)
2. Wicked Problems Presentation: Learn about the new initiative at Wartburg College addressing Wicked Problems. These are problems that are difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that may be difficult to recognize. The Center for Community Engagement along with partners across the campus invite students to participate – learn how to get involved!

3. Service Trips
Wartburg College Service Trips are dedicated to providing opportunities that actively engage participants with communities through service, reflection and learning. Our vision is to inspire participants to create social change by leading lives of continual learning and service. Learn about the process to become involved in the Wartburg College Service Trips program.

4. Center for Community Engagement
The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) supports & encourages students, staff and faculty in the development, coordination and evaluation of external relationships that are effective for student learning and vocational development, advance public scholarship and benefit community partners. Let us inform your class about our ongoing programs!

Dr. Dan Kittle, Dean of Students
5. Current issues: The Dean of Students will facilitate conversations with students on current campus issues.

Derek Solheim & Veronica Reece – Pathways Center
6. Career Services: Topics would include the following...

  • Writing an effective resume and cover letter: An overview of résumé and cover letter development
  • Interviewing prep: An overview of interviewing, plus exercises for students to practice interviewing skills
  • Networking and informational interviews: The how’s and why’s of networking to land a job or internship.
  • Job search strategies: An overview and breakdown of the job search process.
  • Assessment presentations: MBTI or Strong Interest Inventory
    Career counselors help facilitate test administration prior to the presentation and then will discuss results and use of assessment information. (There is a $15 cost per student, charged to students' accounts.)

Jette Irgens – Pathways Center
7. Advising Workshop for First-year Students: Laptops needed for this session, which includes the following...

  • Learn about your Advising Worksheet (where to find it and what it tells you)
  • Find your way through the Academic Catalog (Gen Ed overview, programs of study)
  • How to calculate your GPA
  • Make a tentative plan for your second-year courses

Financial Aid Staff
8. Understanding Your Financial Aid and Financial Aid Tools
Staff address students’ questions about financial aid to help them gain or enhance their understanding of why college is a good investment. In addition, students will be given tools to help them navigate the financial aid process up to and after graduation. The various tools cover topics such as how to apply for financial aid, including outside scholarships, loan repayment calculators, websites to understand repayment options as well as how to track and manage their indebtedness.